Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hot Katrina Kaif in Bikini for Dhoom 3

Not only Katrina Kaif will be seen with a few bike stunts in Dhoom 3 but the 28 year old 
actress will also be sporting a bikini in the movie and she is getting geared up for 
it..Visiting gym daily to make a perfect fit bikini bod. 
Esha Deol started the trend by losing the baby fat she had during her earlier films, and 
sporting a sleek bikini-bod in the first installment of the series. Aishwarya Rai and 
Bipasha Basu too had to endure a lot to achieve a stick thin figure so as to carry off 
risqué outfits for Dhoom: 2. Ash even had her trainer accompany her at all times and 
managed to lose 3 kilos in ten days, while Bipasha Basu literally survived on a diet of 
oranges for three days before shooting for her bikini scene! 

Now, its Katrina Kaif’s turn to get on to the treadmill and push the limits for 
Dhoom:3.The leggy lass has already lost 5 kgs in two months, and has admitted that it 
is indeed a task! “Dhoom:3 is a tough film to shoot. Lots of action. And you need to be 
very, very fit and agile,” said Kat. And besides working her pretty butt off for an hour 
and a half every day, Katrina is also making sure that she completely stays off 
chocolates, junk food and ice creams. 
Kat had previously lost weight for Sheila ki jawaani and earned tremendous applause. 
Will an even leaner and meaner Kat create a bigger dhoom in her new avatar? Weight 
and watch, wethinks!


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