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Kareena Kapoor earn 50 Crore by Ads in 2013

By Times of India
The fact that Kareena Kapoor makes many crores from her brand endorsements is not a surprising one. However, we’ve just been informed that this year, the actor is likely to make over Rs. 50 crore from the 22 brands that she represents — the highest for any female Bollywood star.
“She is one of the top actors in the industry, and since she has proved herself as an impressive brand ambassador over the years, the companies have also developed a lot of confidence in her,” says an industry insider.
Meanwhile, the actor, who has never spoken about her pay cheques in the press, stands by her code. “I don’t talk about money. It’s too personal a thing for me,” says Kareena, with a smile, before adding, “I sincerely feel that the brands I represent are an extension of my personality. I choose only those that I strongly believe in; and I owe that to my fans. I take my responsibilities very seriously.”
Kareena, who also endorses names like Head & Shoulders with her actor-husband Saif Ali Khan, recently flew back to the city from Switzerland. And without any delay, she got back to her ad-film shoots. “Saif and I returned on the January 18. Almost immediately, I had to get to work for a couple of ads,” reveals the actor.
On the film front, Kareena is busy preparing for Punit Malhotra’s Gori Tere Pyaar Mein and Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha. She has also recently been confirmed to star in a Karan Johar-Ekta Kapoor co-production opposite Emraan Hashmi. The yet-untitled film will be directed by newcomer Akshay Roy.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shahrukh khan says he use to sleep on the road


In an interviews shahrukh khan 

Since the actor has seen some really bad times, he tells all his heroines to buy a house for themselves without wasting much time…

“The only fear is that my children should never be without a house. If you have a house and education, the world is at your feet. If you don’t have a job and money, at least you’ll have a roof to sleep and cry under.I’ve slept on the roads. There have been times I’ve been thrown out of my house because we couldn’t pay the rent. I have been on the roads twice. I tell all the young heroines to please buy a house. I feel happy when they come and tell me that they have actually bought a house.”

Alia Bhatt Says Karan Johar support her make fashionista

According to the source The pretty young actor gives due credit to her mentor for upping her style quotient
Recently, we spotted Alia Bhatt posing all pretty on the covers of a leading fashion mag. And we couldn’t help but notice Alia looking more like her casual teenager self, rather than the fashion icon that she was being heralded as. And the credit for all her hi-fashion antics goes to director Karan Johar, says Alia (no surprises here!).
Well, until Karan was watching over her, Alia looked all prim and proper, almost near size zero. But just a few months after her debut movie, Student Of The Year, the pretty teenager seems to have gone back to becoming a teen. The debutante admitted in a recent interview that she was not into fashion at all. Well, we’d just like to remind her that she has entered into the big league now, with her second film being 2 States opposite Arjun Kapor, to be directed by Siddharth Anand. So watch out Alia, ‘coz a whole lot of people are watching you now and there won’t always be Karan uncle to hold your pretty hands and guide you down the thorny path that fashionistas tread!


Vishwaroop Movie Review

by Bollyspice
Being a Kamal Hassan film, Vishwaroop had interests invested in it way before the filming started. The knack that Kamal Hassan has at bringing something new to the industry through film was evident again so while I am one of those that loves a good commercial film, Vishwaroop clearly was nothing of the sort. With Rajkamal International coming back to produce this Kamal Hassan written and directed feature, the film is as action packed and suspenseful as the trailer led us to believe.
The movie opens with Dr Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) talking to her psychiatrist about her husband Vishwanath aka Wiz (Kamal Hassan). Married to him out of the convenience he was a green card holder in the US, she overlooked his age and other issues but when it came to the point when she finds the right person that she feels for, she wanted to be sure she wasn’t the only one doing the dirty deed. Now, the psychiatrist is confused and so are we. After all, domestics are common and rationalizing an affair is what most unhappy partners do. That is till Kamal Hassan makes his entrance. Then everything sinks in. His age, his behaviour and his manner that makes you think his preference lies elsewhere. Nirupama advises her doctor, and us, she hired a private investigator to do the digging and he becomes our main story follow character. But what seems like a domestic issue between 2 individuals that are bound by marriage, turns into much more when the private investigator loses his target but ends up getting killed on his pursuit a secretive group of men seeming to be working for a disabled man named Omar (Rahul Bose). Why was he killed? Who is Omar? And how this all links back to Wiz? Is something that must be seen to be understood.
The normal format I take in a review consists of discussing a bit about the performance of each character then moving onto the crew. But with Kamal Hassan at the helm, one can’t really find words that haven’t been said before. As Wiz, he cannot be seen as anything more than what he shows you but the catch is how much more he actually is. Not once has he overdone his role. Pooja Kumar who plays his wife may not have been around for a long time but there is nothing short on her skill. It would not be fair to say she provides the comic relief in the film since it’s the dialogue is what gives you the giggles. Andreah Jeremiah makes a beautiful entrance as a Kathak dancer Ashmita in Kamal’s class but as the story unfolds, a hidden extra kick in attitude comes up her character. Shekhar Kapur follows suit but next the main man Kamal Hassan, its Rahul Bose that stand out the biggest for obvious reasons. The stern, sinister and calculative exterior is only enhanced by prosthetic makeup. Yet you will be farfetched to find another actor that shines as much under all the restrictions. Jaideep Alhawat downplays the second in charge well while still retaining his own identity in the film. Samrat Chakrabarti is apt.
From here, we move on to the technical side of things. Honestly speaking, there is very little that is to be said about the technical side of the film. The reason? Sheer brilliance. Right from the cinematography (Sanu Varghese) to music/background score (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy). The way the team has come together and become the backbone support to the mastermind behind the camera is something definitely worth watching and I personally, would love to see again. Each aspect is crisp clear and balances the film. Editing by Mahesh Narayanan is only person that could have used his craft a little better. With a story teller like Kamal at the helm, we mustn’t forget that the proceedings need to be taught as well as captivating. The trailer showed that there is more than meets the eye for this film and its characters and that’s what Kamal delivers. The sensibility and detailing he has as an actor is common knowledge and Viswaroopam he brings it to the fore as a writer and director once again after his 2004 critical and commercial hit Virumaandi. An example can be seen in the pigeons that are seen in the posters. Another seen-to-be-believed act of brilliance by the legend.
It would be juvenile to say Vishwaroop is not without flaws. However, what unfolds in front of your eyes stays with you longer than the editing that needs a little work. Some may even complain of repetition with a few scenes. In defense though, one would not have figured out the proceedings without them. One thing can be said, this feature is not for mindless movie lovers. You need to use your brain a little. Yet, this is not a setback for some to dismiss it as a little boring in parts. Vishwaroop can be commended for many things as even beyond the controversy that surrounds it with the content, you can be safe in saying that you have watched a film that is both up to date in content but in technical brilliance. While some may say this is an Indian version of Mission Impossible, this writer would prefer to step away from comparisons since the story has not be handled with such maturity and sophistication in her lifetime.
Even as this reviewer finishes with a big thumbs up for the suspense action flick from the Maverick that is Kamal Hassan, the only thing that leaves a feeling of disappointment after watching Vishwaroop is the delay, and subsequent anticipation, for the release of Part 2.


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Race 2 five days worldwide collections

RACE 2 Drops On Tuesday

"Race 2" dropped by 55% on Monday as final collections came to 6.90 cr nett. Film collected good numbers over the weekend but on weekdays film is struggling a bit.

Film is suffering from not so great word of mouth and mixed reviews and these factors might limit its growth. Film dropped further 10% today and film will collect around 6.25 cr nett. Film has collected 64.50 cr nett in 5 days.

Film has taken overseas box office by storm too especially in UAE. Film collected 17.50 cr in overseas over the weekend. Film collected close to 71 cr worldwide over the weekend. 1st week worldwide collections will finish close to 95 cr.

Film should collect 73 cr nett at domestic box office in 1st week and that means even an average 2nd week can take film to 100 cr nett, the coveted figure.

Below are the collections for the film -

 Domestic Collections
1st Week

Friday: 15.10 cr
Saturday: 20.70 cr
Sunday: 15.55 cr
Monday: 06.90 cr
Tuesday: 06.25 cr
Total Domestic Collections:      64.50 cr
Total Overseas Collections:      17.50 cr
Total Worldwide Collections:    82.00 cr


Irfan Khan is offered a Sex Role


By Hindustan Times
Director-producer Tigmanshu Dhulia is teaming up with Irrfan in his upcoming film Sahib Biwi Gangster Returns (SBGR) again. After Paan Singh Tomar (2012), which was about an athlete’s fight for justice, Tigmanshu now has cast Irrfan as a sexy royal in his next. 

Tigmanshu explains, “Irrfan’s got a great sex appeal and he triggers the sensitive side of women in an intellectual way. He’s not for frivolous women, but for those with substance. Any woman who has some intellect will find Irrfan really attractive.” The director has been witness to women going coy and blushing when they see and meet Irrfan. “He doesn’t get a reaction like people screaming his name but I can see the admiration, lust and passion for him,” he says. Apparently, Irrfan is considered sexy by women in big cities as well as middle town India, who find his earthy personality appealing.

Does Tigmanshu think SBGR will be a bigger film for the duo? “We will feature a world which you rarely see in movies today. The old world charm, royalty,
 attitude and etiquette, which are missing in today’s society and in our films, will be depicted in it,” he says.

Talking about Irrfan’s character, Tigmanshu adds, “His character is of royal descent who has lost everything. He becomes a small town gangster, who holds a grudge against Jimmy’s (Shergill) character and wants to reclaim his lost glory. The film is all about his revenge.” In the film, which releases on March 8, Jimmy marries Soha (Ali Khan) who becomes the choti bahu (younger daughter-in-law). Irrfan is her protector, who has a liaison with Mahie Gill.


I want to produce small budget films under Being Human banner says salman khan


By Hindustan Times
In 2011, he produced the National Award-winning Chillar Party under his banner Salman Khan Being Human Productions (SKBHP). Though the banner hasn’t produced anything since, Salman now confirms that some more projects are in the pipeline.

“We are working on more films. We are looking at two-three scripts right now. Let’s see what happens,” says Salman, adding that the movies made by Being Human Productions will be on the lines of Chillar Party. “In essence, they will be happy films with strong
 messages,” Salman says.

There have been talks that Salman is keen to produce Hindi versions of Mahesh Manjrekar’s Marathi films Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho (2010) and Mi Shivajiraje Salman Bhosale Boltoy (2009). This was, however, followed by rumours that owing to Salman’s busy schedule, Mahesh turned to Akshay Kumar to remake the films. Salman, however, confirms that he is making the films.

“I loved both his (Manjrekar’s) films. We are working on them (script for the Hindi versions) right now,” he says.

Interestingly, the man known for acting in big-budget blockbusters like Dabangg (2010), Ready (2009), Bodyguard (2011) and Ek Tha Tiger (2012), insists that the strategy for Being Human Productions is to make films on smaller budgets. “Technically, the money that goes into production isn’t the foundation’s money, since it goes from our pockets. Still, the idea is to make a good film with little money that brings in big business and helps our foundation grow,” he says.

He adds that the banner’s “aim is to make films for kids, which are quintessentially feel-good in nature. And I hope that the market for such films keeps getting better with each passing day,” says the actor. He clarifies, however, that his banner isn’t producing a sequel to the 2011 hit, Chillar Party.


Shahrukh Khan is Safe in Mumbai: Say Police

Amid controversy surrounding statements related to film actor Shah Rukh Khan’s security, the Mumbai Police said on Tuesday that the actor is safe in the city.

“There is no threat to Shah Rukh Khan. He is absolutely safe in Mumbai,” Mumbai Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh told journalists on the sidelines of a programme. The actor has been provided non-categorised security cover by the police. Mumbai Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Sadanand Date told The Hindu that the actor’s security cover was withdrawn in the beginning of this month after a routine security review. “It was restored two days ago to the original scale.” 

The actor’s statement to a foreign media house about alleged victimisation for belonging to the minority community has sparked controversy in the country and across the border.


Dipeeka Padukon HD Wallpapers

Deepika Padukone is an Indian actress and model. She appears mostly in Bollywood films Born to badminton player Prakash Padukone,she chose to become an actress. In 2006,
Padukone made her acting debut through theKannada film Aishwarya. Wikipedia
Born: January 5, 1986 (age 27), Copenhagen
Height: 1.74 m
Siblings: Anisha Padukone
Parents: Prakash Padukone, Ujjala Padukone

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Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan In New ’3G’ Poster

3G team has managed to keep the suspense and mystery revolving around the movie which has hooked the audiences. After receiving brilliant response to the trailer, the producers have released a brand new poster of the film amidst much fanfare. Produced by Eros International and Next Gen Films, the supernatural thriller stars Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan.
Unlike the earlier poster which was dark, the new poster is very attractive and showcases the sizzling lead pair. Neil and Sonal’s immense onscreen chemistry cannot be ignored. Carrying ahead from where the last poster left, the newly launched poster retains the suspense, as a new face has been revealed which has generated quiet a buzz on the digital platforms.
 Directed by Shantanu Ray and Sheershak Anand, 3G is going to be a nerve-wrecking horror thriller. It is a nightmarish story about Sam Arora (Neil Nitin Mukesh) and Sheena (Sonal Chauhan), a couple, who become victims of a series of events when Sam buys a 3G enabled second hand phone in Fiji islands while on a holiday.

Anupama Chopra's review: Race 2

By Hindustan Times
Direction: Abbas and Mustan Burmawalla
Actors: Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham & Deepika Padukone
Rating: **
Race 2 is essentially a big-budget cartoon in which coolness is all. The director duo Abbas-Mustan (this is how they credit themselves in the titles) have no pretensions about what they are making - full-on masala with a dash of revenge, a slice of heist and characters who are either strutting their chiselled bodies in slow motion or betraying each other.
RaceThe frame is crowded with good-looking people, mouth-watering cars, casinos, gargantuan hotels, planes and yachts. The money being tossed around is, and I hope you're sitting down for this, 15 billion Euros. It's the good life, and because this is a comic book, there are no consequences. So in the first few minutes, Deepika Padukone as the luscious Elena (described as 'half-sister, full shaani'), murders a man and coolly walks out of the frame with hair artfully blowing back.
I went into Race 2 totally prepared to have a blast, but here's the shocker: The first half is just plain boring. Once you're done admiring Istanbul's stunning locations, Deepika's sheer gorgeousness and John Abraham's carbohydrate-defying abs, there isn't much to do.
The fun only starts post-interval, when Race 2 becomes a heist movie. The loot is - and I hope you are still sitting down - the Shroud of Turin. Then the plot twists and turns and climaxes with a laugh-out-loud action sequence on a plane.
The first Race was also pure popcorn, but the twists were delicious and the characters were interesting. Here, writer Shiraz Ahmed and Abbas-Mustan were relying so much on style that they forgot about screenplay - this is a film in which even character artiste Rajesh Khattar gets a high-speed-walk moment.
RaceThe action sequences are hobbled by lame special effects. And there aren't any killer lines - though I probably will remember Anil Kapoor as ex-cop Robert D'Costa telling his new assistant Cherry, played by a cheerfully ditzy Ameesha Patel: 'Cherry I don't have time to pop your cherry'.
Yes, Race 2 is that kind of film.


Katrina Kaif outshines Kareena Kapoor?


By Hindustan Times
Buzz is that Katrina Kaif’s popularity is overpowering Kareena Kapoor these days! Kaif was recently paid a whopping amount to perform at a recent wedding in Mumbai, which makes her the highest paid actor in wedding functions. However, a birdie tells us that Katrina wasn’t the first choice for the performance. Kareena Kapoor was! So what went wrong? Buzz is that a few guests belonging to Europe and America specially requested the hosts to get Katrina to perform at the wedding.
Even though the deal with Kareena was finalized and the pay had been decided, she had been dropped in the end! No doubt, this created a lot of unease between Kareena and the wedding party organizers and it is heard that the actress swore never to deal with them again. 

Hrithik sexier than Salman, Ranbir: Twitter poll

By Hindustan Times
Bollywood fans will unanimously agree that even at 39, Hrithik Roshan is still one of the hottest male stars in the industry. So it hardly comes as a surprise that Hrithik has topped the chart of Sexiest Male Celebrities, beating others like Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar. One of the latest weekend polls by the consumer research company Ormax Media on Twitter has come up with the result.
Hrithik“While Hrithik beating Salman and Shah Rukh has come as a surprise, it was nothing less than shocking to see Ranbir Kapoor, who is being called the flavour of the season, at the bottom of the list,” says an industry insider.
But nonetheless, Hrithik is excited about the results. When contacted, the Krrish star says, “I am extremely humbled at the decision of the public. A big thank you to all for this dose of encouragement.” It’s interesting to note that Hrithik has topped the list in spite of not really being in the public eye much recently — the actor has only had two films — Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD; 2011) and Agneepath (2012) — in the last two years. Salman and Akshay, on the other hand, had multiple releases.
While Hrithik tops the men’s list, his ZNMD co-star Katrina Kaif beat off competition to emerge as the hottest actress. Other names that bring up the list are Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma.
Interestingly, Hrithik and Katrina star together in Siddharth Anand’s Hindi remake of Hollywood blockbuster Knight And Day (2010).

Saif Ali Khan to sign another film with Race producer


By Hindustan Times
Way back in 1999, they worked together for the first time in Kachche Dhaage. Later, actor Saif Ali Khan and producer Ramesh Taurani teamed up on multiple ventures like Kya Kehna (2000) and Race (2008), and more recently, Race 2. Now, if things go well, Saif and Taurani will come together once again.
When contacted, Saif confirms: “As a producer, Rameshji has a great story sense. Plus, he is excellent when it comes to production details. I love to work in that environment.” He adds, “At the moment, all I can say is that we are working on the storylines. We have two-three ideas in our minds. Let’s see which one gets finalised.” As for Race 2, which opened this Friday, Saif says that he was on board even before the script was finalised. “They (the makers) took it for granted that I would be part of the film,” says the actor with a smile.
Currently, he is busy with the second schedule of Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Bullet Raja. “It’s nice to work in a film that very rustic in its appeal. You wear clothes and other stuff that’s not very costly, but they make style statements. It feels good. Also, Tigmanshu is a superb director,” says Saif, adding that his character in the movie has nothing to do with Langda Tyagi in Omkara (2006).

Hot and Sexy celebs sizzle at Stardust Awards 2013

By Hindustan Times
The Bollywood fraternity was spotted at a glittering glam night hosted by the Stardust awards in the entertainment capital Mumbai on Saturday. Bollywood stars, who dazzled the red carpet of the star studded award function, included actor Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma, Rakhi Sawant, Siddharth Malhotra and many more.
“I will make Anurag Kashyap and Gangs of Wasseypur win all the awards in the world,” actor Manoj Bajpai said.
Mahesh bhatt’s daughter, who has recently debuted with Karan Johar’s ‘Student Of The Year’ asserted that she is excited and hoping to get an award.
“I am always nominated, let’s hope something happens this time but I am excited,” she said.
Filmmakers Karan Johar and Faraha Khan said that they have just come to support the industry and cheer for them.
Meanwhile, 35-year-old Vidya Balan revealed that she is excited and looking forward for the evening.
The evening got even more starry for those who took these star trophies back home, which included actors like Parineeti Chopra, Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra and others.
“My first Award for ishaqzaade, last year I was getting all the awards for my 1st film. This year I am getting all my awards for my second film. So it feels great that every film I am doing is being awarded and I hope it continues,” Parineeti Chopra said.
Legendry Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan expressed his gratitude towards stardust for presentating him with Star Of The Century award.
“I would like to thank stardust for awarding me today. It has been 44 years in the industry and I am really greatfull to the Indian audience for keeping me alive in the industry from so many years,” the 70-year-old actor said.
On the other hand Priyanka Chopra, who won two awards, Star of the Year Female for Barfi and Best Actress – Drama for the same film, expressed her happiness saying that it feels great holding both the trophies together.
“It feels great to hold both the trophies. I worked really hard for Barfi and it was a challenging film for me. So it feels great when it is acknowledged. I am really Happy because I am here with my mom and my friends today, the team of Barfi and Anurag Sir is also here, so its great,” she said. 

Race 2 collects approx Rs. 51.35 Cr over Weekend

By Hindustan Times
Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer Race 2 collected Rs. 51.35 cr nett in its opening weekend. The film had a fantastic opening weekend with a robust Friday, showed exceptional growth on Saturday.
Although the business slided slightly on Sunday, the film held very well on the third day of the weekend. The break up goes like this: Fri Rs. 15.12 cr, Sat Rs. 20.72 cr, Sun Rs. 15.51 cr.



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These pics leaked Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan's affair

Usually celeb affairs in Bollywood are a hush hush business and Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai's affair way back in 2002 was no exception until these pictures published in newspapers let the cat out of the bag. One of the most rare pictures in which Salman and Aishwarya are casually sitting on a bed with Salman's sister and Atul Agnihotri's daughter Elize showed how close Aishwarya was to Salman and his family. 
On more occasions than one Aishwarya was spotted bonding with Salman Khan's family members at public and private events.
Here is a look at the pictures that brought Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai's affair to the limelight.



Emran Hashmi and Kareena will be seen in Ekta Kapoor's Movie

Emraan Hashmi has signed probably the biggest movie of his career as a solo hero. He will star opposite Kareena Kapoor in the joint production of Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor. It will be the first time that these two top banners: Dharma and Balaji productions are collaborating to produce a movie. Also for the first time Emraan Hashmi will be working with Dharma and Kareena Kapoor will be working with Balaji productions. Kareena has done many films under Dharma banner though which include 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham', 'We Are Family' and 'Ek Main Aur Ek Tu'. Emraan has worked with Balaji Motion Pictures in 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai' and 'The Dirty Picture'.
Akshay Roy will be making his debut as a director with this movie. The flick is said to be a love story with a twist. Reportedly Deepika Padukone was getting considered for the female lead earlier. The movie will be a love triangle and one more female lead will be announced soon. The movie will be a big leap in the career of Emraan who is slowly marching towards superstardom. Film is going on floors in September 2013 and it will release in the first half of 2014.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shahrukh Khan has been offered by Hafiz Saeed


Lahor:Chairperson of Pakistan's Banned outfit jamaatud Dawa Hafiz Saeed said on Saturday that he wool Welcome Shahrukh Khan in Pakistan if he unsafe in India.

Hafiz gave the statement in a time when Khan seemed to be in problem in India as he was facing criticism from Hindu extremists over being Muslim.

Earleir Khan in this interview to as American magazine saif Muslims had to face discrimination in India and he himself faced the same problem many times.He aslo revealed that many politicians asked him to go back to his native homeland, Pakistan after 9/11 incident.

Khan showed worries about the future of his children in the interview.

Taliing to a private Pakistan news channel, Express News, Hafiz said that if Khan felt  undafe in his country I would not only welcome him but also support him for his settlement in Pakistan.


5 unexpected and non-deserving box office failures of 3 Khans

For more than 2 decades now, Indian Hindi film industry is being ruled by the 3 mega Khans - Aamir, Shahrukh and Salman. All the three have been consistently successful and have delivered numerous blockbusters over the years. While some of their 'average' movies have done exceptionally well at the box-office, some of their exceptionally good films have gone unnoticed at the ticket window.Here is my list of 5 such movies, featuring the 3 legends, which deserved a lot more success than what they got when they were released.

1. Andaz Apna Apna: A superbly written mad comedy, directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, which featured Aamir and Salman together for the first and probably the last time. The movie has attained cult status over the years and is amongst the biggest all time hits in the DVD and satellite markets. All characters and dialogues are so popular now, that it’s hard to believe that the film didn’t do well at the box-office.

2. Swades: Swades(meaning Our Country) is a brilliantly directed patriotic saga highlighting the issue of brain drain and is directed by Ashutosh Gowariker after his Oscar nominated Lagaan. When it got released, it got rave reviews from the critics but it was criticized for it’s length and lack of entertainment value. Swades was a rare box-office failure for SRK, who as Mohan Bhargav, delivered arguably the best performance of his career.

3. Akele Hum Akele Tum: It was the third and most probably the last outing of Aamir Khan and his director uncle Mansoor Khan after the super success of Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. Akele Hum Akele Tum is a superb portrayal of a sensitive relationship between husband and wife. The performances by Aamir, Manisha and even the child actors were outstanding. This movie has some of the best romantic tracks composed by Anu Malik.

4. Khamoshi – The Musical: Khamoshi, which marked the debut of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, was nothing short of a classic. The musical plot was unique and wonderfully directed. Salman, Manisha, Nana, Seema Biswas and Helen were fabulous in their respective roles. Also the songs composed by Jatin Lalit lived upto the musical theme. Despite all these ingredients, Khamoshi remained total Khamosh at the box office.

5. Dil Se: Dil Se is yet another fantastic movie based on terrorism by ace director Mani Rathnam, after the success of Roja and Bombay. Manisha Koirala, unfortunately, is featuring in this unwanted list for the third time. The movie was stylishly shot and A.R. Rahman compositions for Dil Se were probably his best to date.


Bollywood always Copycats

In the Indian Cinema, Scripts and songs being ripped off is old news, now even movie posters are being copied!!

Here comes another commodity to be copied by us. Bollywood Movie Posters!!

Call it sheer laziness or whatever else, in India there is rich literature and so many talented people yet mainstream cinema go for copying, get inspired by Hollywood. There are movie clippings and posters of so many  films that are totally an inspiration of Hollywood as it seems what are film industry is doing then apart from creating mere facsimiles out of the west. We all know that there is no dearth of content here. It's only a question of shortcut that the filmmakers take because they want a ready script. We've always been inspired from the west. Lifting has been here since the 1940s.
There is no harm in copying the scripts as there might be a large amount of people in India who don't watch Hollywood movies and hence to bestow variety in the flicks, our directors do so. Also another reason could be that Bollywood makes more than 200 films in an year. So bringing a different idea or story could be strenuous and laborious.

"The biggest motivation for making a successful movie is that it brings money and appreciation. So filmmakers go for a tried and tested formula by taking inspiration from Hollywood. Otherwise there are only a very few talented writers who've come out with original content... it's actually not about writers" said a director not wanted to be named.

Apart from the posters, there are a number of movies which are copied from Hollywood. Some of the famous ones are Hum Tum(Harry Met Sally), Murder(The Unfaithful), Agneepath(Scarface), Ghajni(Memento) and Ek Main Ek TU(What happens in Vegas) and many more.

Sherlyn to dance with 50 nude dancers for Kamasutra


This Playboy girl has been in news ever since anybody heard her name. Now the actress will apparently be filmed with 50 other nude dancers in a music track from Rupesh Paul's film on Kamasutra.

This project on Kamasutra 3D was announced by director Rupesh Patel at the Cannes Film Festival this year. The song will be shot in Rajasthan, but the makers are tight-lipped about the exact location of the shoot. This one will be choreographed by Saroj Khan and the veteran is planning to give the dancers some really aesthetic steps.The director states, "The song is based in the 14th century and we are all excited about it. Saroj ji will be choreographing it first. Post that, we will get a music director to give music to the track. It will be quite unique. The song will essay a sage demonstrating various Kamasutra positions. We have kept our location under wraps." Asking on where did he get such bold dancers from, Paul exclaimed, “There is no agency who supplies dancers. We had to visit various dance academies and convince each and every dancer.”

Talking about how difficult the subject was for him, “India is known as a land of Kamasutra. The epic erotica is as significant as Gita or Ramayana. It is pathetic to relate this ancient scripture to porn,” he said. “If you go to Paris, every coffee shop will have an abridged version of Kamasutra. The ancient scriptures are read and appreciated by millions of people abroad and we never owned it. It is such a shame,” added Paul. 

Race 2 second day Total Net Collections

After a huge opening day which was less expected, Race 2 is all set for another huge day. Today is a National holiday for " Republic Day of India ". The morning shows are already showing great occupancy and this will continue till late night shows as tomorrow is Sunday so people are relaxed and specially families will plan for evening and night shows.
The major multiplexes have shown massive occupancy while Single screens are also good. The second day Saturday collections of Race 2 are expected to be 17-19 crore and most probably if night shows are even more better than the morning shows, than 20 crore is also possible.

The response of the film is below expectations. The audience feedback ( Public Response ) is mixed which will result in low collections in weekdays. The opening is a grand one because of the brand " RACE " and a wide release of 3188 screens all across India. Race 2 is having the third widest release after Dabangg 2 ( 3505 screens ) and Ek Tha Tiger ( 3300 screens ).

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Race 2 1st day collections

Source: E-One India.
Hindi movie Race 2 starring Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham and Anil Kapoor in leads, has got fantastic opening at the Indian Box Office, beating another new release Akaash Vani. The Abbas-Mastan directed action thriller has beaten the first day collection record of Saif's previous releases like Agent Vinod and Cocktail and John's last releases like Force and Housefull 2. The much-talked about and much-hyped movie Race 2 debuted with a superb response with its occupancy ranging between 70% and 80% in the morning and matinee shows. The action thriller showed further improvement in its business in the evening and night shows. It has collected Rs 15.12 crores nett at the domestic Box Office on the first day of its release on Friday. Race 2 has done wonderful collection in all areas of the country. Trade expert Taran Adarsh tweeted, "#Race2 territorial breakup: Mumbai 5.25 cr, DelhiUP 3.10 cr, Punjab 1.25 cr, CP 75 lacs, CI 57 lacs, Rajasthan 1.05 cr, Nizam 80 lacs, Mysore 90 lacs, TNK 30 lacs, WB 55 lacs, Bihar 25 lacs, Assam 15 lacs, Odisha 20 lacs. Total: 15.12 cr nett." Saif Ali Khan's 2012 releases like Agent Vinod and Cocktail had collected Rs 9.8 crores and Rs 11 crores nett respectively at the domestic Box Office on the first day of their release. Whereas John Abraham's 2012 release Housefull 2 and 2011 release Force had collected Rs 14 crores and Rs 5 crores respectively at the desi Box Office on their opening days. Now, Race 2 has become the biggest opener in their acting career. Race 2 is a sequel to the big hit movie Race and it is a multi-starrer movie featuring Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anil Kapoor and Ameesha Patel in leads. The film had a huge amount of promotion prior its release. Its promos - videos and posters had created lot of curiosity among the film goers. Despite getting mixed reviews from film critics, it has got positive response from the viewers. However, Saturday is the Republican day holiday, which is expected to take the collection of Race 2 upwards further. Trade experts feel that the movie will cross Rs 50 crore mark at the domestic Box Office in the first weekend. It should be seen whether it would reach this mark. Stay locked to this space to know the first weekend collection of Race 2.



Friday, January 25, 2013

Race 2 Faring Better than Akash Vani Box Office

Bollywood, which witnessed lackluster start in 2013, has released two films like Saif Ali Khan's much-awaited movie Race 2 and Akaash Vani today. The Race sequel starring Saif Ali Khan, Anil Kapoor, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez and Deepika Padukone in leads, has got a fantastic opening at the Indian Box Office, while the latter received a lackluster start. Early trends show that Race 2 will beat the first day record of Race and Saif's previous release Cocktail. Race 2, which went on floors in October 2011, has been creating buzz ever since Race became a big hit at the Box Office. The Abbas-Mustan directed action thriller has started on a robust note. The movie has registered 70% to 80% occupancy at multiplexes and single screens in several circuits. But the footfalls at certain other places were below 50% in the morning shows. Since it is Eid-E-Milad holiday, Race 2 seemed to be picking up well at the Box Office. The movie is expected to get better towards the evening/night shows. Saturday is also holiday due to Republic day and hence the movie will rock at ticket windows across the country. Trade experts feel that it will do a record-breaking collection at the domestic Box Office on the day one as well as over the weekend. However, another Hindi new release Akaash Vani has received a very poor response at the domestic Box Office. It should be seen whether it will show a big jump in the evening and night shows. Stay locked to this space to read the Box Office report on Race 2 and Akaash Vani first day collection.