Monday, January 28, 2013

Katrina Kaif outshines Kareena Kapoor?


By Hindustan Times
Buzz is that Katrina Kaif’s popularity is overpowering Kareena Kapoor these days! Kaif was recently paid a whopping amount to perform at a recent wedding in Mumbai, which makes her the highest paid actor in wedding functions. However, a birdie tells us that Katrina wasn’t the first choice for the performance. Kareena Kapoor was! So what went wrong? Buzz is that a few guests belonging to Europe and America specially requested the hosts to get Katrina to perform at the wedding.
Even though the deal with Kareena was finalized and the pay had been decided, she had been dropped in the end! No doubt, this created a lot of unease between Kareena and the wedding party organizers and it is heard that the actress swore never to deal with them again. 

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