Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bollywood always Copycats

In the Indian Cinema, Scripts and songs being ripped off is old news, now even movie posters are being copied!!

Here comes another commodity to be copied by us. Bollywood Movie Posters!!

Call it sheer laziness or whatever else, in India there is rich literature and so many talented people yet mainstream cinema go for copying, get inspired by Hollywood. There are movie clippings and posters of so many  films that are totally an inspiration of Hollywood as it seems what are film industry is doing then apart from creating mere facsimiles out of the west. We all know that there is no dearth of content here. It's only a question of shortcut that the filmmakers take because they want a ready script. We've always been inspired from the west. Lifting has been here since the 1940s.
There is no harm in copying the scripts as there might be a large amount of people in India who don't watch Hollywood movies and hence to bestow variety in the flicks, our directors do so. Also another reason could be that Bollywood makes more than 200 films in an year. So bringing a different idea or story could be strenuous and laborious.

"The biggest motivation for making a successful movie is that it brings money and appreciation. So filmmakers go for a tried and tested formula by taking inspiration from Hollywood. Otherwise there are only a very few talented writers who've come out with original content... it's actually not about writers" said a director not wanted to be named.

Apart from the posters, there are a number of movies which are copied from Hollywood. Some of the famous ones are Hum Tum(Harry Met Sally), Murder(The Unfaithful), Agneepath(Scarface), Ghajni(Memento) and Ek Main Ek TU(What happens in Vegas) and many more.

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