Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alia Bhatt Says Karan Johar support her make fashionista

According to the source The pretty young actor gives due credit to her mentor for upping her style quotient
Recently, we spotted Alia Bhatt posing all pretty on the covers of a leading fashion mag. And we couldn’t help but notice Alia looking more like her casual teenager self, rather than the fashion icon that she was being heralded as. And the credit for all her hi-fashion antics goes to director Karan Johar, says Alia (no surprises here!).
Well, until Karan was watching over her, Alia looked all prim and proper, almost near size zero. But just a few months after her debut movie, Student Of The Year, the pretty teenager seems to have gone back to becoming a teen. The debutante admitted in a recent interview that she was not into fashion at all. Well, we’d just like to remind her that she has entered into the big league now, with her second film being 2 States opposite Arjun Kapor, to be directed by Siddharth Anand. So watch out Alia, ‘coz a whole lot of people are watching you now and there won’t always be Karan uncle to hold your pretty hands and guide you down the thorny path that fashionistas tread!


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