Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Goat Named 'Shahrukh Khan' in Bakrapur

Shahurkh Khan

Unlike Anurag Kashyap’s more elaborate ode to Amitabh Bachchan by making a short film on him in Bombay Talkies, actor-filmmaker Makarand Deshpande paid a more unique tribute to King Khan. In Deshpande’s National Award winning satire Bakrapur, the pivotal character is of a goat named Shah Rukh.

Filmmaker Janaki Vishwanathan wanted to study the trend in rural India to name their pets after popular stars. While the film was mainly a comedy, it revolves around a sensitive story of a little boy and his pet goat.

Explaining why Janaki wanted Shah Rukh, she emphasized that after hunting for the best goats in the village, they found the most handsome one of all called Shah Rukh. The name itself means Emperor faced. Janaki herself is rest assured that Shah Rukh would not take any offense to the film as he has a vast and quirky sense of humor, and frequently cracks self depreciating jokes.

Interestingly, earlier Deshpande had also made a film on SRK named Shahrukh Bola Khubsurat Hai Tu, which unfortunately failed to impress many people.


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