Friday, April 12, 2013

Very Dull Opening of 'Nautanki Saala, Commando'

Commando and Nautanki Saala had low openings as both films opened to around 15%. The big city multiplexes were better for Nautanki Saala while smaller cities like Bhopal, Kota etc were better for Commando.

Both films are well short of the start taken by Chasme Bhaddoor last week and that film picked up well through the day which Commando and Nautanki Saala will be hoping to do.

Nautanki Saala could have the edge as these type of films are more likely to pick up while action fares like Commando tend to show less growth. Overall Commando has a bigger release due to single screens while Nautanki Saala  probably has around 10% shows more at multiplexes.

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